The company Transport-Import-Export Autoholowanie Zbigniew Iskra was found on 16.05.1997. Initially, it operated only locally, transporting motor vehicles up to 3,5t permissible maximum mass. In 3 years, it sustained a firm position on local car transporting market, especially importing cars from Germany. Thanks to that and the market’s recognition, the company was able to expand and broaden our services with transporting motorboats, which is now our main specialty.

In 2000 we began our cooperation with Motorboats & Yachting Centre Poland – one of the largest and longtime enterprises devoted to selling motorboats in Poland. It was the exclusive distributor of reputed brands: Bayliner, Chaparall, and formerly Sea-Ray.

Since 1 May 2004, thanks to Poland joining the European Union, we have further expanded our horizon of operation by not transporting only between Germany and Poland, but all other countries in the EU as well.
In 2005 we attained another great collaboration with ASTEX ŁODZIE, once again: the only distributor of Regal and Formula motorboats and yachts.

Since 2007, our activity reached outside Europe, namely to USA and Canada. We probe organization of, and going through with vehicle and boat import across the Atlantic. It was possible due to our cooperation with Aaron P.B. Production Corporation and MOTO-CAR P.H.U. Thanks to that, we are also experienced with transporting luxury cars, such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dodge, Chevrolet or Lincoln.

In 2008, the bankruptcy and insolvency of Szczecin’s Shipyard Pomerania, with whom we had also actively cooperated, impaired our progress. It forced us to overhaul our policies.

Despite that, in 2010 we managed to gain sequent partners, including:

  • Finboats, distributor of Aquador, Bella and Flipper boats;
  • HORYZONT Ltd., distributor of Hanse, Moody, Dehler, Fjord and Varianta yachts;
  • Günther Yacht Ltd., producer of luxury yachts;
  • EcoInstal Ltd., producer of environmental protection structures.

Since 2011, we established the brand IskraTrans, which is our trademark e.g. in the Internet.

In 2012, we gained extra qualifications giving us rights to transport oversize vehicles and traffic management, widening our expertise even further.

In 2014, we achieved another step by establishing cooperation with FairWind, who conduct install and service aerogenerators around the world for the greatest manufacturers on the market.

We maintain collaboration with all partners mentioned above until this day and it was possible only because we are regarded to be a good and firm collaborant.